Staff Directory


Last Name First Name Title Email
Blakeley Whitney Job Corps Coordinator
Burnette Ariana Contracts Analyst
Callender Dashana Youth Career Consultant
Carpenter Cynthia Youth Career Consultant
Chavis Monica Youth Program Coordinator
Chippeaux Kelsey International Rescue Committee Employment Specialist
Chisolm Annette Exec. Asst. to Director/ Office Manager
Clark Angela Career Service Specialist
Copeland, III Martin Youth Programs Facilitation Specialist
Cromer Wanda Career Consultant
Davis Jacqueline Business Consultant
Davis Jasone Administrative Assistant
Dent Teresa Labor Exchange Supervisor
Dixon Camille Information Specialist
Forster Katrina Contracts Specialist
Foster Christina Special Programs Coordinator
Garris LaWade Job Corps Representative
Gibson Marcia Career Consultant
Gillis Brenda Customer Resource Coordinator
Girsha Esaias Career Service Specialist
Goins Lorene ROW Coordinator
Goodson Pete (Henry) Re-Entry Coordinator/Career Consultant
Graham Sandy Re-Entry Career Consultant
Hall Triauna Contracts Analyst
Harrison Ingrid S. Innovation and Opportunity Manager
Headen Clifton Youth Remediation Instructor
Higgs Denise YCC Business Consultant/Job Developer
Hogan Favor ABAWD Consultant-DSS
Howard Michele Career Service Specialist
Jalloh Candra Career Consultant
Jean-Francois Ebony Business Services Assistant
Jefferson Daphne TANF Family Income Maintenance Specialist II
Johnson Yurhance KEYS Youth Job Coach
Jordan Audrey Resource Specialist
Jordan Donald Career Service Specialist
Kemmerer Todd Regional Local Veteran Employment Representative
Lloyd Charmin Business Consultant
Lynn-Horton Lynnette Local Veterans Employment Representative
Marin Claudia Lead Career Consultant
Mayfield Sylvia Youth Career Consultant
McArthur Cordia Veterans Representative DVOP
Mitchell Trecia Business Consultant
Morgan Bryan Senior Accountant
Mukibi Sarah Career Service Specialist
Preston Michael S. Youth Business Consultant
Reese Bryan Staff Accountant
Ricks Jennifer Youth Services Manager
Rivers John YCC Business Consultant/Job Developer
Santiago Virginia Retention & Data Validation Specialist
Scott Imani Youth Remediation Instructor
Shorter Michele KEYS Job Coach
Smith Carlise YCC Program Assistant
Sode-Ola Mosope Talent Acquisition Specialist
Staten Skye DSS Information Specialist
Tauler Helene Information Specialist
Turner Dee Information Specialist
Tyler Arian L. Community Outreach Specialist
Valdez Damaris RESEA Workshop Facilitator
Walker Brian T. YCC Mentorship/Special Projects Manager
Walker Timothy L. Veterans Representative DVOP
Ward-Rainey Tracia Career Service Specialist
Washington Neisha International Rescue Committee Employment Coordinator
Williams Chanel A. Career Consultant
Williams Norma Workshop Facilitator
Wyche Skylar Business Consultant
Young Jamese Program Specialist